I am 57 years old and this is the first time in my life that I can say I LOVE my hair. It has never been this easy to style and I always dreaded working with it. Also I don't think I have seen it this healthy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will follow you every where. This comment is the truth and curly hair women will understand.

Gay Ledet Thurman

So happy to find a curly hair specialist in Oklahoma! Been waiting for this for years. I waited (impatiently) until she came to McAlester since it is half the driving distance for me, but I would drive to OKC in a heartbeat for an appointment. It was a great session with Andrea from start to finish. Of course, I can't get my hair to look as wonderful as it did when Andrea styled it, but it's a whole different world since my appointment with her. My curls have a better shape and are so soft & touchable and I can actually let my hair air dry. I like the Innersense products also. Thank you, Andrea!

Glenda Gould

I've been looking for Andrea my whole life! So glad I have finally found someone who knows the curly girl struggle and could tell me reasons behind the methods she taught me. (Things that actually work!) I left feeling awesome and confident I could do the things she taught that made my hair look and feel incredible. Andrea is God's gift to curly girls!

Lauren Bieri

I have had two hair cuts and color here and I don't think I could ever go anywhere else. My curls look the best they have ever looked in my life, and my hair color has lasted impressively well. I can't say enough great things about Andrea. She is very thoughtful in explaining what she's doing and best practices for taking care of your curls. She squeezed me in for my color job, to keep me from making major mistakes with a box at home. She listened to my long term hair goals and is helping me reach them. Worth every penny!

Sarah Taylor

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