specialized CURl cuts

I provide a curl by curl dry haircut utilizing Deva Curl and Curly Hair Artistry methods to ensure that your curls are shaped to their fullest potential.

*Curly Hair Artistry Member

*Deva Certified Stylist

Women's and men's hair cuts both available. For longer hair, please allow about two hours for your first appointment.

Please note that due to a SEVERE allergy, no booking is confirmed until you receive and respond to my welcome e-mail.


Curl UP Here Salon is dedicated to loving and embracing naturally curly hair. My specialized curl cuts are not like typical haircuts. They are individually tailored based on your style and needs. A curl cut at Curl UP Here leaves you feeling empowered and confident to embrace your curls long after leaving my chair. Curls are always welcomed and celebrated at Curl UP Here Salon. 

I  pursued a career as a hairstylist after my neighbor, also a stylist and salon owner, showed me how to embrace my curls. Knowing how to get the most out of my curls boosted my confidence and sparked a passion in me to help others find their inner beauty and to show their confidence. I know that hair is closely tied to self-image. This has made me  passionate about teaching people from all walks of life and all ages to fall in love with their curls.



Tel: 903-871-7057

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